Apache Maven Tutorial

April 30, 2015 Maithilish

CodeTab Apache Maven Tutorial

Normally, to learn Maven, one would refer Maven Reference Book and Maven By Example, both by Sonatype. Even though, information provided by them are exhaustive and informative, for beginners it is quite difficult to get hold of Maven using these reference materials in one go.
In this tutorial series, we try to explain the Apache Maven concepts and flow in easy steps. Focus is to explain Apache Maven with simple examples and simple explanations for benefit of beginners and intermediate users.
As objective of the tutorial is to explain Apache Maven concepts and its working, the Java examples we use in the tutorial are extremely simple and small, so that focus is more on Maven rather than Java project. Also, most of chapters use command line interface (CLI) to explain the Maven so that beginners can to know Maven up close. Only the last couple of chapters use GUI where we use Maven to build Eclipse projects.

An Easy Introduction to Maven

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