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December 5, 2013 Maithilish


GWT Tutorial is a step-by-step guide to a complete Google Web Toolkit (GWT) project. It walks through a complete GWT project, Fins, to explain the essentials and also some of the advanced concepts of GWT 2. Fins is a menu based web app which displays financial performance of companies in a complex tab view using stock GWT widgets, Google Chart Tools and some custom widgets.

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is an open source web app development toolkit to build UI rich complex browser-based applications. With GWT, developers may rapidly build high performance, cross browser web apps without in-depth knowledge of AJAX, JavaScript and browser quirks.

Official documentation has an excellent introductory tutorial, reference docs and demo apps which highlights the power and ease of GWT. But beyond that it’s a black hole. To assemble a full fledged web app developer has to go through many tutorials, reference docs and also some of demo apps.

Naturally one would search for an advanced tutorial that covers more ground, but search fails to yield anything beyond start-up or proof of concept tutorials. One would prefer a tutorial that covers a GWT project end-to-end. CodeTab GWT Tutorial is one stop source to a complete, practical GWT Project.

Highlights of CodeTab GWT Tutorial are

  • create a GWT project from scratch.
  • shows how to build a stacked menu and tabbed content panel.
  • explains the optimal use of UiBinder and UiFactory to handle multiple widgets in a concise pattern.
  • uses GWT EventBus architecture to decouple widgets from one another.
  • develops custom widgets for a rich UI.
  • uses Google Chart Tools for interactive charts.
  • shows how to optimize the RPC services.
  • extensive coverage of ORM like JDO, Hibernate, etc. to blend them seamlessly with the project.
  • shows how to code GWT apps for cloud platforms like Google App Engine and Redhat OpenShift without platform lock-in.

GWT Tutorial Google Web Toolkit Complete Project Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners,Intermediate,Advanced Developers

GWT Tutorial is divided into three parts.

  • Part 1 deals with client side coding which explains layouts, UIBinder, custom widgets and events in detail.
  • Part 2 deals with server side coding and covers RPC calls, data access, DAO and persistence.
  • Part 3 moves the project to Google App Engine and OpenShift cloud platforms.
GWT Tutorial is written in a style keeping both beginners, as well as, intermediate developers in mind. Initial chapters are organized like a tutorial so as to assist beginners to get on with GWT effortlessly whereas later chapters, are more like a book, explains design considerations and concepts with the relevant code snippets.


CodeTab GWT Tutorial


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