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Kubernetes on Fedora CoreOS

Fedora CoreOS is a minimal Linux designed for running containerized workloads at scale. It's easy to setup a three node K8s cluster either with VirtualBox or QEMU/KVM

Sep 15, 2020 . 14 min read

Hugo Webfont

Instead of loading large Font Awesome files, we can pick and choose few Font Awesome webfont and use it with Hugo. It significantly reduce page loading time.

Oct 5, 2019 . 4 min read

Fun with Unicode

Things can get quite confusing when we crisscross between byte and char streams in Java unless we know basics of character sets and encoding. This post demystifies Unicode with easy to follow examples

Sep 29, 2019 . 9 min read

Automate Borg Backup

Pybs is simple yet quite effective Python script to automate multiple backups using Borg Backup software.

Aug 27, 2019 . 4 min read

Borg Backup

For long, I was looking for an ideal backup setup. Finally, settled with Borg Backup solution which is quite easy to learn and maintain.

Aug 27, 2019 . 5 min read