CodeTab WordPress Tutorial

CodeTab WordPress Tutorial is a complete, step-by-step, guide to assist beginners as well as intermediate users to install, customize and maintain a High Performance WordPress Site on RedHat OpenShift Cloud Platform.

WordPress Tutorial quickly introduces the beginners to WordPress basics and then moves on to cover some of the Must Have Plugins and essential tools required to maintain the WordPress site. The later chapters on importing the static HTML site or pages, use of Child Themes, Dynamic Style management, structuring the site for Search Engine Optimization, WordPress Backup and Restore, WordPress clone for staging site etc., are useful to both beginners and intermediate users.

WordPress Tutorial is easy to go through. Majority of OpenShift and WordPress management is through web interfaces and only a small portion of the tutorial relies on command-line (CLI). WordPress Tutorial walks through the CLI commands and codes in a step by step manner to help out the Non-Developers.


Some of the highlights of CodeTab WordPress Tutorial are:

  • Shows how to install and setup WordPress site on RedHat OpenShift platform.

  • Explains differences between WordPress Posts and Pages and helps you to choose between them.

  • Setup DNS for your WordPress site so that you have the freedom to move to any other platform in the future.

  • Bulk import the existing HTML pages into WordPress.

  • Customize themes with the child themes and handle multiple stylesheets without interfering with the theme’s style.

  • Enable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Authorship for the site and find out what it takes to improve the Page Rank.

  • Improve the performance of the site for better user experience and also learn to troubleshoot performance issues with Google PageSpeed Insights.

  • Track traffic with Google Analytics in real time.

  • Integrate WordPress with Google Webmaster Tools and get insight about Google crawls.

  • Put in place an effective strategy to auto backup the site and push the backup set to Dropbox.

  • Shows how to restore the site.

  • Shows how to clone the backup for staging or testing site.